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FRECA at Mugello: a chat with Lorenzo Fluxá

By Giulia De Ieso and Giulianna Faliero

During the ACI Weekend we followed FRECA at Mugello and we had the chance to talk to some drivers, including Lorenzo Fluxá. The Spaniard is racing with Prema Racing this year, and is currently holding P6 in the Formula Regional European Championship by Alpine. We caught up with him at the Prema box after race 1 to ask him a few questions. We were also accompained by the photographer Francesco Maneo (@rcx.ph on Instagram), who documented the interview and the race.

After introductions and greetings, we began by asking Lorenzo what he thought of a special circuit like Mugello.

It’s your third year in FRECA, how is it to come back to Mugello, which is one of the fastest tracks in the calendar, and what do you like about it?

For me it’s amazing to come back to Mugello! The track is historical and it’s amazing to drive. In my opinion it’s one of the best track we’ve been to this year in terms of driving: it’s very cool with its high and medium speed corners. I’m really happy to be back here, I always have a good time racing at Mugello. Now I am enjoying every corner and every minute of it, I do really love it.

How has the season been so far and what are you hoping for the next races?

This season has had some ups and downs. Still we’ve had some good moments like the podium in Hungary and a few solid top 5. But there were also quite a few low moments, which were definitely hard for us. What I’m hoping is to be more consistently in top 5, to get some more points and the win will come eventually at some point, that’s my goal.

We’ve been on the grid and you were fully focused, what kind of emotions do you feel when you’re on the grid right before the race?

Yeah on the grid I’m fully focused. Since it’s a race and we’ve only got 20 per year, we’ve got to make every one of them count. It’s important to be fully focused since before the start to maximise every opportunity you have. Also this race start was very particular since we’ve had the minute of silence, so the emotions were different from what we normally feel on the grid. But yes it’s important to keep all the worries out of your mind, just focus on the lights for the start and be as fast as possible.

Thank you and good luck!

And so we bid farewell to Lorenzo Fluxá and wish him and the entire Prema team good luck for the second FRECA race at Mugello.

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