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FIA unveils next-generation F2 car

Monza proved to be exciting not only for racing action but also for important news. Ahead of the Italian GP, F2 has revealed their next-generation car, which will be used from next season until the end of 2026. This marks the long-awaited return to pre-COVID scheduling, when F2 cars raced on track for only three seasons. However, as a result of the pandemic, the current Dallara F2 2018 has been run for a total of six consecutive years (2018–2023).

First Look: A Close-up of the new car’s details

next-generation f2 car

The FIA designed the car to be as close to an F1 car as possible, adopting the same philosophy both in terms of safety and design. Its various components, including the nose, front wing, rear wing, and floor, have all been redesigned to increase the ground effect and facilitate wheel-to-wheel battles on track.

The engine is a 3.4-liter turbo-charged Mecachrome, designed to adapt to the new sustainable synthetic fuel for 2025. In fact, 55% biofuel from Aramco, introduced in 2023 with excellent results, will still be used in 2024. However, there will be new developments to enable the transition to 100% synthetic and sustainable fuel in 2027.

Indeed, the new F2 2024 car complies with all the new FIA standards for the braking system and steering wheel regulations. There will also be Virtual Safety Car (VSC) systems and an improved Drag Reduction System (DRS). The series will not only become more accessible, allowing for faster adaptability, but also more similar to today’s F1.

F2 Car Shakedown and New Objectives

Teams will receive the first car in December, while a second one will be delivered in January 2024. Prior to the first official preseason test, each F2 team will be provided with a car for an individual shakedown. The very first one was held in Varano last July, with Colombian driver Tatiana Calderón at the wheel of the new car. More testing involving Felipe Drugovich, the current F2 champion, will be conducted throughout the year.

As emphasized by Stefano Domenicali and Bruno Michel, the results have been more than satisfying. This car symbolizes the federation’s genuine commitment to a more sustainable motorsport. Another inherent goal is to keep costs low in order to enable all teams to perform at their highest level.

next-generation f2 car

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Italian article by Giulianna Faliero, English translation by Miriana Straccia

Miriana Straccia

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