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What about the 2023 Girls on Track program?

English version by Marianna Duca and Giulianna Faliero

The 2023 Girls on Track program for Rising Stars took place in the Franciacorta circuit, from the 4th to the 7th of September. This is the fourth edition for the contest that offers young girls in motorsport some once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. In fact, the winner of the Senior Category gets a place in the Ferrari Driver Academy, and the winner of the Junior Category gets to compete in karting with Ferrari’s support for a season.

Junior Category

After picking the sixteen drivers, eight for each category, the training campus began. On September 4th the youngest drivers got on track: they dedicated the first part of their day to some technical and physical training, while in the afternoon they finally got on their karts. The following day, the second and last one dedicated to Junior drivers, it was time for some athletic training and the final race. At the end of the day, the four finalists have been chosen: Eva Dorrestijn, Annabella Fairclough, Bianca Nagy and Vanesa Silkunaite.

Senior Category

On Wednesday 6th, it was the turn of the eight Senior drivers, who had the chance to drive Formula 4 cars. The campus lasted two days for them as well, with the chance to work alongside Formula 4 athletic trainers, mechanics and engineers. At the end of the two days, the four finalists have been selected: Alba Hurup Larsen, Joanne Ciconte, Domenika Arellano and Mathilda Paatz.

A closer look to our finalists!

When we first saw which girls had been selected we couldn’t help but notice how we are starting to see a more varied background for these young drivers! This is extremely important in order to show girls that even if their countries aren’t “historically bound” to motorsport, this can still be the place for them. It’s amazing to witness girls from such different countries come together for their shared passion.

Actually, even in countries who have a rich past in motorsport, like Germany, Australia or the Netherlands, professional female drivers aren’t given as much importance and opportunites as their male colleagues. Also the Junior contestants Bianca Nagy and Alba Hurup Larsen, who come respectively from Hungary and Denmark, have only a few but illustrious national rolemodels such as the Hungarian formula driver Vivien Keszthelyi and the Danish endurance drivers Christina Nielsen and Michelle Gatting. All these women are accomplishing great things in their respective fields, they’re breaking barriers and leading the way for younger generations. Still, some countries don’t get to have women representing them in motorsport. For example the Lithuanian Vanesa Silkunaite and the Ecuadorian Domenika Arellano would be the first professional female drivers from their countries. That’s why programs like Rising Stars are so important.

The winners of the Girls on Track program will be announced between January and February. The Junior winner will have the support of Ferrari for a whole karting season, while the Senior winner will be part of the FDA.

We can’t wait to see who’ll be this year’s winner. Who already caught you attention? Tell us in the comments or on our social media platforms!

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