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A chat with Freddie Slater, title contender of Italian F4

Shortly after the end of Race 3 – in Misano at the Aci Racing Weekend – we had the chance to talk with Freddie Slater. The English driver born in 2008, author of a hat trick right on the circuit on Romagna’s Coast, is already one of the absolute protagonists of the just started season of Italian Formula 4. In winter with Mumbai Falcons he won the Formula 4 UAE and now, with Prema Racing, he seems absolutely motivated to make his mark in Europe as well.

by acisport.it

Hi Freddie, first of all we want to congratulate you for the wins, we can imagine you also enjoyed this weekend?

It was an amazing weekend, the team spirit’s high. We worked hard over the winter in order to be the best and we did that! It feels great right now.

It seems now clear that your goal is to win the championship.

The goal was always to win the championship, that’s what I’m here to do. I wanted to show my name and prove to everyone that I’m here to win.

What did you enjoy the most in the UAE championship and what, aside from the title, do you bring with you from this experience?

In the UAE the tyre management was quite hard: we were on a different type of tyres which was so much harder to look after than the compound we’re using in this category. The racing was also closer out there, there was a lot of slipstream and the battles were more intense. So, when it does happen here, usually on tracks as Monza or others similar, it gives me a slight advantage.

Among the circuits in the F4 calendar, is there one where you’re particularly excited to race at?

Misano was very good to me this weekend and it was also fun to race here. Personally, I’ve always enjoyed Vallelunga, I think that’s a really good track for racing since the straight is quite long and the racing can therefore get close. Monza is gonna be quite exciting, especially because it’s the last round of both championships that we compete in. So Vallelunga and Monza are probably the ones I’m the most looking forward to.

Is there any kind of advice that was given to you in the past that you always keep in mind?

There are actually a few. One of the most meaningful ones is the “It’s all part of the process”. I have to remember that when things are going wrong, as it happened in the UAE midway through the championship. It’s very hard to win every race, this weekend I managed to do it, but in the championship it’s not going to happen every time. Obviously I will do my best to make it happen, but it’s more about damage limitation: that is what makes you win championships. It’s extremely important and it’s something I’m working on as my driving style is usually aggressive.

What’s the best memory you have from your karting days?

I would say the 2020 world championship in Portimao, that was an amazing weekend and it was my first year in OK-Junior. Also, it was great to win the European championship in KZ2 last year. Those two really stand out to me.

One last question, how’s your relationship with the team and with your teammates?

We’ve got a special bond! I’ve raced with my teammates all the way from karting, I pretty much know every single one of them. At the beginning it was slightly weird, because in karting we were in different teams: we had respect but we were always fighting each other and now we’re working together and not trying to screw each other over. It’s different from what we were used to with each other, but now we’ve built that friendship and we’re having fun outside the track. We really have a special bond and obviously the team is like a family. Prema is such a close team! Honestly, I still have to work on my Italian a little bit but other than that I’ve felt very welcome in the team!

freddie alex misano
by acisport.it

Freddie in Misano started from the pole in all the three races held and triumphed in each one of them. Now we can only wish the championship leader to keep doing well during the season, hoping to continue to see him among its protagonists.

Interview by Gaia Vanucci and Maria Forte.

Edited by Giulianna Faliero and Gaia Vanucci.

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