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FIA Girls on Track Rising Stars Winners and McLaren Partnership

In a joint effort to promote female presence in motorsport, FIA Girls on Track UK has announced an exciting collaboration with McLaren Racing. This partnership aims to inspire and empower young women, encouraging them to get involved in a sport traditionally dominated by men. And in the very same week as McLaren’s groundbreaking announcement, the FIA Girls On Track – Rising Stars 2023 reached its conclusion.

Mclaren Racing and Girls on track UK: Uniting Forces for Change

The motorsport realm is expanding its embrace of female inclusion, extending beyond prominent roles within teams to encompass opportunities for women as drivers. The Girls on Track Rising Stars initiative has notably triumphed in this endeavor, complemented by the inception of the F1 Academy category. Commencing next year, young women from diverse nationalities will receive backing from the pinnacle of motorsport, Formula 1 itself. And the momentum continues, with McLaren spearheading a groundbreaking new initiative.

The International Automobile Federation (FIA) and McLaren Racing have decided to join forces to transform the dynamics of motorsport. Through the Girls on Track UK initiative, they seek to increase female representation at all levels of the sport, from racing to engineering and management.

This collaboration will focus on hosting events and workshops throughout the UK, designed to inspire and educate young women about the exciting opportunities available in motorsport.

Empowering Young Women & a Step Towards Equality

The primary goal of this partnership is to empower young women, showing them that they have a significant future in motorsport. Workshops and events will be conducted to allow them to experience firsthand the various aspects of working in this thrilling field.

Additionally, mentorship opportunities and scholarships will be offered to help young women advance in their motorsport careers.

The collaboration between FIA Girls on Track UK and McLaren Racing represents a significant step towards gender equality in motorsport. By providing young women with the tools and opportunities needed to succeed in this field, they are breaking down barriers that have historically limited female participation.

A Bright Future

With the support of McLaren Racing, FIA Girls on Track UK has the opportunity to transform the future of motorsport. By inspiring and empowering the next generation of women in the sport, they contribute to ensuring a more inclusive and equitable future for all.

This collaboration marks only the beginning. Over time, it is expected that more organizations will join this cause, working together to make motorsport a more diverse and inclusive sport.

FIA Girls on Track – Rising Stars 2023: Recognizing Female Talent in Motorsport

In the very same week as McLaren’s groundbreaking announcement, the FIA Girls On Track – Rising Stars 2023 reached its conclusion. Alba Hurup Larsen and Vanesa Silkunaite emerged as the victorious talents, set to don the iconic red of Ferrari in the upcoming season. The initiative, a collaboration between the FIA Women in Motorsport Commission and the Ferrari Driver Academy (FDA), garnered immense success, showcasing the prowess of young female racers on the track. Iron Dames, the female racing team, provided additional support to this trailblazing endeavor.

The primary objective of this initiative, relatively young but impactful, is to identify and foster female sporting talent. The 2023 edition marked the fourth in its history, witnessing record numbers with a staggering 116 applications from drivers spanning 47 different countries.

Following meticulous evaluation by the FIA and FDA, only two candidates out of the initial 116 were chosen as the winners of the 2023 edition.

Both talented racers will join the Ferrari Driver Academy next year, contributing to the legacy of the renowned red racing team. Notably, the other six participants in the final stage of the competition will continue to receive support and guidance as they pursue careers in professional motorsport.

Some statements from FIA and Ferrari driver Academy Cheif

Natalie Robyn, CEO of the FIA, expressed her delight, stating, “I was very pleased to witness this pool of young talents in Maranello during my visit to FIA Girls On Track – Rising Stars 2023. We had the best track conditions, allowing the girls to display their full potential. This season established a record of 116 applications from 47 countries, and I would like to thank Ferrari Driver Academy and Iron Dames for their continuous support in nurturing the drivers of tomorrow. I look forward to hearing many success stories in the future from our drivers that were engaged in this exciting program.

Marco Matassa, Head of Ferrari Driver Academy, congratulated Alba on her victory and announced, “We will give her the opportunity to show what she can do in a Formula 4 car, while carefully monitoring her progress. Congratulations also to Vanesa, whose determination in the kart meant she got the better of some fierce competition. This enjoyable project has now come to an end, having helped to start the careers of Maya and Aurelia, who have a challenging and hopefully successful 2024 season ahead of them. We will continue to search for the best young drivers through our scouting program, which evaluates boys and girls equally, based solely on their talent.

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