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F2 and F3 recap: what’s going on?

Since F2 and F3 won’t be having any other races for a while, how about a fast recap to catch up on the feeder series? So much has happened in the first three races! We already have and idea about who we should keep an eye on throughout the 2023 season. Therefore, here we are to refresh your minds and relive the core action delivered by respectively the first, second and third classified drivers in both F2 and F3.

F3: Gabriel Bortoleto

Even though it’s only his first season in the category, the Brazilian driver is dominating the drivers’ standings. Only 20 points separating him from Grégoire Saucy, who stands in second place with 38 points. Bortoleto kicked off the season by claiming a win in his first feature race after Gabriele Minì got a 5 sec penalty. The Brazialian kept it up in Australia as well by taking a beautiful pole position and winning the feature race once again. So it’s not surprising to see him leading the standing and we’re all wating to see if he’ll be able to mantain this position in Imola.

Gabriel Bortoleto wins the F3 feature race in Bahrain

F3: Grégoire Saucy

After finishing 15th in F3 last year, the Swiss driver is not willing to leave the first spots of this year’s standings. Grégoire started collecting points from the very first race by finishing 7th in the Bahrain sprint race and then getting a 4th place on Sunday. Saucy also tried to give his best in Melbourne: he started the feature race in 2nd position but he couldn’t overtake Bortoleto during the whole race. Will he manage to climb up to that 1st spot in Italy?

Surprisingly enough F2 and F3 calendars don’t have the same amount of races. In fact our F2 drivers have already competed in three different countries: Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Australia. But who came out on top?

F2: Ayumu Iwasa

The Japanese driver is at his second season in F2 and he’s currently leading the standings with 58 points. In fact, even if he didn’t perform exceptionally well in Bahrain, in Jeddah he managed to bring his DAMS on the first step of the podium after the sprint race. He didn’t fail his fans on sunday either by claming 4th position in the feature race. Anyways, we can assure he did his best to keep the pace up in Melbourne and despite not getting any points on saturday he took home his second win of the season during the feature race. This put him first overall, but is his position stable?

F2: Théo Pourchaire

In fact the Art Grand Prix driver is coming for him, and he’s just points away. What he needs to truly perform at his best though is some stability. That’s because he’s been alternating stunning weekends like the one in Bahrain to an absolute disaster like the double 0 in Jeddah. The french driver kicked off the season with a pole position and a win in the feature race. Still mistakes (and maybe some bad luck) cost him precious points the weekend after that. However Pourchaire kept Vesti behind in the standings by claming second position in the Australian feature race. So, can we say he’s finally back on track?

Here at Mult1 we can’t wait to see both F2 and F3 get back racing respectively in Baku and Imola. Will Saucy and Pourchaire be able to take the lead? There’s still a long season ahead of us and anything might happen!

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I've always been passionate about motorsport and Mult1formula allows me to share this passion of mine. Here I write mostly about Formula 2 and Formula 3 for both our Italian and international articles.

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