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F1 Trophies in 2023 between tradition and sponsors

As the Formula 1 circus travels across the globe, each race not only brings breathtaking speed and skill but also unveils unique and innovative trophies that reflect a blend of tradition, cutting-edge technology, and artistic expression. In the 2023 season, the podium ceremonies are more than just celebrations; they are showcases of creativity and collaboration between F1 organizers, sponsors, and renowned artists. Let’s embark on a journey through the diverse trophies that grace the F1 podiums this year, highlighting the stories behind each design and the fascinating intersection of tradition and sponsorship reminding that the majority of these trophies have been claimed by Max Verstappen.

Dutch Grand Prix: A Ceramic Homage to History

The organizers of the Dutch Grand Prix, held at Zandvoort, enlisted the expertise of Studio Piet Boon to redesign the trophies for the 2023 race. These trophies pay homage to the rich history of the Dutch Grand Prix by drawing inspiration from the cup awarded at the 1939 edition. Studio Piet Boon’s creation prominently features the NetherlandsRoyal Coat of Arms, adorned with heraldic lions in gold, red, and blue, representing the first, second, and third-placed finishers, respectively.

© Jesaja Hizkia 2023 / Piet Boon

Crafted from ceramic, these trophies symbolize the Netherlands’ centuries-old tradition of porcelain and earthenware. The predominantly white trophies showcase a lion in each winner’s color—gold for P1, orange for P2, and blue for P3. The collaboration with Royal Delft, masters of Delft blue since 1653, adds a unique touch, making these trophies not just symbols of victory but also pieces of art that pay tribute to Dutch culture and craftsmanship

World’s First Kiss-Activated Trophy at Japanese GP And USA GP

In a historic move that pushes the boundaries of traditional trophy design, the 2023 Japanese Grand Prix introduces the world’s first kiss-activated trophy.

Crafted by Lenovo, this innovative trophy responds to the winning driver’s kiss, illuminating in the colors of their national flag. The unique design, created in collaboration with Pininfarina, draws inspiration from modern F1 cars’ air intake, creating a visually striking piece. While only the winner receives the touch-activated trophy, the other two podium finishers receive visually similar trophies without the embedded technology. Lenovo hints at further innovations in the upcoming races, indicating a potential showcase at the Circuit of the Americas.

Belgium GP: Tradition Meets Innovation

The Belgium Grand Prix marks a significant collaboration between MSC Cruises and Formula 1®, presenting a traditional yet distinguished trophy. It is not known who actually designed and created the trophy, but with the announcement of the collaboration with Formula 1 in 2022, there was much excitement for the first Grand Prix with MSC as the main title sponsor.

Gianni Onorato, representing MSC Cruises, expressed honor in participating in this special moment. The success of this partnership promises more title sponsorships in the 2024 World Championship season. The enduring collaboration reinforces MSC Cruises’ position as the Official Cruise Partner of Formula 1® until the conclusion of the 2026 FIA Formula 1 World Championship.

Qatar GP: Pininfarina’s Artistry in Steel

For the 2023 Formula 1 Qatar Grand Prix, the Losail International Circuit turns to Italian design excellence with Pininfarina.

The trophy, crafted over three months, reflects the essence of the track and Qatari culture. Featuring a wave motif inspired by desert sand dunes and using satin steel, the trophy embodies Pininfarina’s elegance. Advanced laser printing technologies incorporate unique elements of Qatari culture while maintaining a modern aesthetic. The trophy stands as a testament to precision, craftsmanship, and the shared values of design and Qatar’s passion for racing.

Singapore GP Trophy 2014-2023: A Flying Tribute

Incorporating elements from the distinctive Singapore Airlines emblem, the Champion’s Trophy designed since 2014 Singapore Grand Prix encapsulates the shared characteristics of the world’s most acclaimed airline and the globally revered: power, direction, and speed coated with 24-karat gold,

Meanwhile, the sleek, curved lines, reminiscent of the gentle contours of a contemporary F1 car, introduce an element of grace, sophistication, and aesthetic appeal to the sculpture. A subtle change each year, with the number of rings on the base corresponding to the Grand Prix’s running, adds an element of continuity. As the 2023 Singapore GP approaches, fans anticipate the unveiling of the 14th ring on the trophy base.

Photo by Qian Jun/MB Media/Getty Images

Monza GP: Typhon’s Mythical Triumph

Renowned artist Ruth Beraha takes center stage at the Monza 2023 Formula 1 GP with her creation named “Typhon.”

In a fusion of mechanics and Greek mythology, Typhon represents the ephemeral nature of victory despite the immense effort required to achieve it. Sponsored by Pirelli, the trophy transforms a single-seater’s exhaust pipe into organic shapes resembling snakes, drawing inspiration from the Greek monster Typhon. Beraha’s creation explores the duality of the winners and losers’ imaginary, reminding us of victory’s triumph and its inevitable fleeting nature.

In the realm of Formula 1, the convergence of tradition and innovation, sponsored collaborations, and artistic expressions through trophies continues to captivate fans, adding an extra layer of excitement to the pinnacle of motorsport. Each trophy tells a story, weaving together the rich tapestry of F1’s past, present, and future.

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