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IndyCar: PREMA’s American dream

PREMA Racing, who recently celebrated forty years of motorsport successes with an event in Venice, are rumored to be considering branching out to racing overseas.

The news has come from Racer‘s Marshall Pruett, former mechanic, engineer and team principal and now a journalist covering several US championships, including IndyCar. No confirmation on the matter has come from the team at this stage, but the rumor has been spreading quickly after Pruett’s claim. The Italian team, a record breaker in the junior formulas and, more recently, a new entry in the world of endurance racing, might be evaluating the possibility of competing in IndyCar.

If the news was confirmed, this would be a clear statement from the Rosin family of wanting to make their mark in motorsports and pursue a continuous, yet structured expansion. In a recent interview with Motorsport Italy’s Roberto Chinchero, Angelo and René Rosin, father and son leading the Vicenza-based team, didn’t even rule out the dream of racing with the big guns in the top class, Formula 1.

PREMA are currently the best school in motorsports, with a junior programme structured to take young drivers from karting to Formula 2 and the already mentioned Endurance division, which debuted just two years ago. Adding another top category like IndyCar to PREMA’s curriculum would not only increase the team’s presence on the international stage, but solidify its structure too.

So far, the team hasn’t confirmed nor denied the rumor officially. An American adventure in IndyCar for PREMA remains nothing more than a dream at this point, which will hopefully turn into reality and produce great results along the way.

Original article (Italian) – Isabella Tomassi
Translation – Claudio Scalia

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