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F1 Sprint Race: everything you need to know about it

This season the Sprint format has been radically changed with the addition of the “Sprint Shootout”. Almost two months after its debut in Baku, the format will come back this weekend in Austria. Let’s see how the racing event works. 

Introduced in 2021 F1 Sprint is a 100 km race, with no pit stops. The winner takes 8 points that will be added to both Championships. Second place takes seven points, third place six, and so on, with P8 getting the last point available.

The new format and the weekend schedule

On Friday we have:

  • The Free Practice 1 in the morning: it’s the only session where teams can test and study the right set-up for the weekend;
  • The first Qualifying session in the afternoon to determine the grid for the race on Sunday. This means that the Sprint won’t have any influence on the Grand Prix itself, becoming a standalone event.
Fonte: fuoritraiettoria.com

Saturday will be fully dedicated to the new format.

  • First, we’ll see the Sprint Shootout, another (shorter) qualifying session. Q1 will be 12 minutes, Q2 10 minutes, and Q3 8 minutes. Also, in Q1 and Q2 the cars will have to use medium tyres, while Q3 will require softs. The results will set the grid for the F1 Sprint, held in the afternoon.
  • Saturday afternoon it’s time to the Sprint Race!

And Sunday is Race day finally.

A new hope

The Sprint was first introduced to have a more entertaining and spectacular race weekend. The hope is to see drivers pushing more (and taking more risks). We can’t wait for this second round to see what the Sprint can really bring to the race weekend.

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