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A Monaco guide for Formula 1 fans

written by Federica Passoni and Ginevra Stanghellini

A simple guide of Monaco for racing fans to learn more about this beautiful city. A nation whose history speaks about motorsport. Once a year the city host the most glamourous Grand Prix of the Championship. The track goes around the city and it becomes the centre of the racing world every May.

The “home race” for many drivers

Monaco is the town where almost the entire grid of Formula 1 lives because the taxes are lower than other countries. We could say it’s the ‘home race’ for most of the drivers. However, the only actual monegasque on the grid is Charles Leclerc. He’s born ad raised in Monaco and this is a special weekend for him. Unfortunately, he have never had the chance to win his home race or get on the podium.

The most glamorous race

Monaco Grand Prix is known for the glamour that it showcases every year. The city is the home of luxury and you can have one of the most unique experiences of your life. If you are lucky enough to live around the track, you could be able to see the race from your balcony, as Charles Leclerc used to do as a kid.

The luckiest fans have the chance to see the race from a yatch, because a part of the circuit is by the sea and you can have a great time while the cars are racing right in front of you.

Some of the yatchs where you can watch the race

At the end of the race, you can also go clubbing in some beautiful bars and discos, and you might even be able met some of the drivers! But it is not the only opportunity, because from Thursday, May 23 to Sunday, May 26, Amber-Lounge Monte-Carlo will tune into the atmosphere of the Formula 1 Grand Prix. There’ll be parties and DJ sets, and by organizing a fashion show featuring F1 drivers dressed by up-and-coming designers, all for charity.

Why is Monaco such a special track?

Monaco is one of the eldest races in the history of Formula 1. A unique circuit which provides tight corners and the lowest probability of overtakes in the championship. Some people may say that this race is boring, but everything can happen and well-thought strategies are the key of this grand prix.

The cornes of the track are iconic and everyone remembers their names. For example we have the swimming pool corner, the Rascasse, the Saint Devote, the Fairmont Hairpin and some others that made the history of the race.

The famous Fairmont hairpin, one of the most iconic corners on the calendar

A track that highlights a drivers’ talent and only a few of them had the chance to win the race more than once. The driver who has won the most Monaco Grand Prix is Ayrton Senna with six wins followed by Micheal Schumacher with five triumphs.

The latest winner is Max Verstappen who won a race signed by a final rain that showed his talent in difficult conditions. Ferrari’s last win was in 2017 with Sebastian Vettel and now it’s time to put that name again on the top step of the podium.

Where to find the world’s most prestigious car collection

A guide about Monaco can’t be complete without mentioning the Collection de voitures de S.A.S Le Prince de Monaco. A museum that encompasses automotive history with rare cars and memorabilia donated by F1 world champions. The collection is extremely impressive with its unique road and sports cars. With truly iconic pieces such as the SF-90 in which Charles Leclerc won his first race or Lewis Hamilton’s Silver Arrow

Collection de voitures de S.A.S Le Prince de Monaco, picture from website

A special art spot for Monaco 2024

This small state known to all for F1 is rich in art galleries. This year at the Kamil Art Gallery, you can enjoy the exhibition “Racing Lines: from street to canvas” featuring the works of Jordane Saget.
An innovative way to discover art without straying from motorsport.

After reading this guide, you will surely know where to spend a weekend full of fun, fashion but most importantly breathing F1 history!

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