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How do the standings change after the Monaco Grand Prix?

If it appeared to be a predictable standings, like last year’s, the last two GPs have turned the game around. Will Red Bull and Max Verstappen be able to defend the lead?

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The emotional Monaco Gran Prix

The eighth round of the F1 championship, makes a stop in the Principality of Monaco and from the start it is Ferrari with Charles Leclerc who dominates by achieving a very important pole position on Saturday.
But not only that, after the first start immediately affected by the red flag caused by the accident between Kevin Magnussen and Checo Perez. The stop and restart, Leclerc always managed to keep the Mclarens behind him.
For 78 laps of pure thrilling among the streets of his childhood, the Monegasque managed to win the Monaco GP, under the screams of joy of the fans and the whistles of the yatch present in the bay.
A thrilling victory, ending Charles Leclerc‘s long period of fasting from the first step of the podium.
Closing the podium was a fantastic Oscar Piastri in second place, and Carlos Sainz in third.

The standing before Monaco Gran Prix

The drivers’ championship standings before the Monaco GP saw Max Verstappen, with 161 points, leading by a wide margin over the close group formed by Perez, Leclerc, Norris and Sainz. This was followed by Piastri, Russell, Hamilton and Alonso.
The Haas, Visa Cash App RB and Alpine drivers are closing the standings.

The drivers’ standings also reflect the present situation of the constructors’ standings with Red Bull ahead of Ferrari and Mclaren. Worth noting is the good fight in the gaps between Haas and Alpine.

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How did the situation change after Monaco?

The tables have turned!
At the top we can see how the gap between Ferrari and Red Bull has narrowed to only 24 points. The rest, however, remains unchanged, with Mclaren ahead of Mercedes and followed by Aston Martin and Racing Bulls.
In the rest of the grid, we see Haas gaining a double zero after the withdrawal of the cars, despite this bad result, it remains in seventh place in the constructors’ championship ahead of Williams in equal parts Alpine, which wins a point in Monaco thanks to Gasly. Sauber closes the standings with zero points.

If we look instead at the constructors’ championship it remains in the hands of Max Verstappen, with 169 points, followed by Charles Leclerc who reduces the gap to just 31 lengths. In third is Lando Norris just a few points behind Carlos Sainz, who overtakes Checo Perez, who has dropped to fifth. For the rest of the grid there are no changes but noteworthy are Tsunoda’s widening gap over Stroll and Pierre Gasly’s first points of the season.

The championship is getting even more interesting, who knows how it will turn out, we just have to find out!

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