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Kacper Stzuka: a chat with the (soon-to-be) Italian F4 champion!

Interview by Elena Giordani, Sara del Mistero and Isabella Tomassi, article by Giulianna Faliero

This Saturday in Vallelunga we got the chance to have a chat with Kacper Sztuka right before he was crowned champion of the Italian F4 championship in race 2! The polish driver from US Racing talked about how the constant improvements throughout the season made it possible for him to become the 10th winner of this category.

Hi Kacper, we were wondering, are you happy of how your season’s gone so far?

Well, honestly we were pretty unlucky in the first half of the season and it was difficult for us to put in the results we wanted. However from Monza and Paul Ricard things started to get better. We had six wins in a row and now another podium. It was definetely good! I managed to take the lead of the championship already last weekend, so now I think I have the pace to go for it.

Did you expect to be able to fight for the championship?

Obviously the goal from the beginning of the season was to win the championship, but as I said at first it was was very hard for us. Still we managed to get to the front and to show some good speed. Then, after Paul Ricard, this pace turned into wins. So I’d say that from that point onwards we started thinking about the championship more realistically.

Which was you favourite track this season?

I think it was Imola. There I got my first win, and it’s an amazing track with all that uphill and downhill corners. I have some good memories there…

So can we say it was also your favourite race?

I mean, this year it was difficult with 2 DNFs due to a mechanical faiIure. However I managed to win a race and I still love it!

Great, thank you for your time and best of luck from the Mult1formula team!

Kacper left and got back preparing for race 2, after which he got crowned as the new Italian F4 Champion!

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