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Welcome to Multiformula International!

Are you in love with any aspect of Motorsport and especially four-wheel cars? Have you ever dreamed of writing articles about F1 but never dared to post anything? Well, Multiformula brand new project’s been made for you!

Our blog Multiformula was born as an only-female blog to destroy any persistent stereotypes over the “classic F1 fan girl” and to inform the Italian audience about some selected feeder series. This way their importance would grow massively even on the national level.


Over this year we tried to reach as many Italian fans as we could. The aim was to give our readers a share in what is happening in many motorsport categories. Then, we realized that many foreign readers also follow us since it is difficult to collect information about those in their own language.

So why not expand our horizons? Our project’s goal is to break any linguistic boundaries and allow anyone who is interested in a particular topic to spread his knowledge with the community online in their own language. Why don’t you grab this opportunity to challenge yourself in this amazing journey with us?

Send an email to multiformulaofficial@gmail.com or contact us in one of our social media: Twitter , InstagramTik Tok

Imma Aurino

Classe '97, la passione per i motori mi accompagna fin da bambina grazie a mio padre. Studio comunicazione a Torino dopo tante scelte sbagliate, ma almeno questa sembra essere quella giusta.

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